Perfume is a great prompt word. In my business last evening I gave a couple a ride downtown to a hotel, they were dressed for dinner out and an evening on the town, both probably in their mid-forties I would guess. I so wanted to ask her the name of her perfume, it was wonderful and totally new fragrance to me, not that I am an authority on perfume, but it was very pleasant.

They seemed a very nice couple who lived in a beautiful home in a beautiful section of the city probably upper middle class. It was very interesting to listen to how they communicated with each other, I could not help but think that my parents sure did not communicate like that, not even close.  Soft verbiage and laughter was not my role model.

I think I envy folks who seem to be what I see as being normal people who seem to genuinely care about each other. Funny how a word like perfume has led me here, it is all a part of learning from watching and listening to how others interact, what a wonderful world what a wonderful day.

via Daily Prompt: Perfume

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